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    Not to be confused with the kind of Gigolo you can find on Craigslist, Jigalode is a lifestyle apparel brand designed for the new generation of fishing. The kind who grew up spending weekends learning to cast a rod and today, still spends their weekends just the same – only better at catching and with an impressive Instagram feed to prove it.


    The origin of the Jigalode story takes place sometime around the year 1996. Way before owner, Damian Fernandez would even think of starting the clothing brand, it began with his father, Damian Fernandez Sr. and friend Wayne Louk.

    Things were a little different in those times. Clinton was president, the Macarena was taking the world by storm and there was a lot less boat traffic on Biscayne Bay. Every chance that they got, Damian Sr. and Wayne were out fishing and trying not to break the bank doing it. (Some things don’t change)

    When they weren’t fishing they were in the work shed putting together different jig head molds with deer hair and feathers. Each time with one question in mind, “If you were a bonefish, you’d eat this, right?”.

    When Saturday mornings rolled around, they were racing to the flats, fueled up on shots of Cuban coffee and eager for that first bonefish on their new jig. No alarm was needed on those mornings, they were up before the sun.

    They needed a name for themselves. “It has to have the word ‘jig’ in it” Wayne suggested.

    They threw some ideas back and forth until Damian Sr. said, “Jigalode.”

    “Gigolo?” Wayne asked.

    “No, as in we don’t jig a little, we jig a lode! And catch a lode too!”

    It was that simple word that sparked an idea. An idea which almost two decades later, in 2013, would inspire his son, Damian Fernandez Jr. to fuse his two passions, design and fishing, to create the lifestyle brand we know today as, Jigalode.