Morning Bonefish Sessions

Morning Bonefish Sessions

This weekend began as many of them have begun lately, a late text on Friday night from my buddy Chris Perez,: “bonefishing in the AM?”

Mike Custodio and I were determined to put Chris on his first bonefish. Our last attempts of taking Chris out had resulted in no bonefish…no bueno. So off we went to arrive at our spot before sunrise, we were expecting some winds so we decided to go with the ol’ jig and live shrimp.

When we arrived, we began wading the flats looking for bones.  Soon after I felt a tug on my line. I set the hook and the first bonefish of the day was on. Meanwhile, Mike, who had wandered off, begins yelling at us from afar…we were doubled up. I quickly landed my fish, snapped some pictures and released it.

Mike’s fish was fighting hard. If this was a bonefish, it was going to be a slob. Then from the surf arose a really nice snook instead. This was completely unexpected. We admired the fish for a while and then sent it on its way.

After that, the bite slowed down. It was getting late and we were beginning to think Chris wasn’t going to get a bonefish. As we explored the flat, I hook another bonefish over a grass flat. I wave the guys over to try their hand at the spot. Chris suddenly hooks up behind me. His light tackle went off and he was on his first bonefish ever. We watched as he experienced this new feeling, and when he landed the fish you could see a new addiction come over him.

The bonefish were on the small side today, but as we get deeper into spring we’ll start seeing larger ones move onto our usual flat.  Nonetheless, it was a great kickoff to our weekend. Til’ next time!

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