Knot Mondays: How To Set Up A Fly Reel

Knot Mondays: How To Set Up A Fly Reel

The moment we first saw Peter Kaple's, "Knot Monday" series on Instagram, we instantly found ourselves mesmerized by the stop motion magic that was bestowed upon us. Right away, the creative juices started flowing and we all agreed that the internet needed a proper How To Set Up A Fly Reel video. 

Peter covers every knot that you're going to need to get your Fly Rod set up the right way. He also covers a few different variations, and why you might want to use them. These knots will work for everything from a 4wt to 14wt fly fishing reel.

Happy fly fishing peeps! 


Here are a few shortcuts to get you to where you need to go:

00:00 - Intro

01:30 - Arbor Knot

02:03 - Albright Knot

03:06 - Bimini Twist

05:22 - Nail Knot

06:03 - Perfection Loop

07:03 - Blood Knot

07:38 - Double Uni Knot

08:31 - Rapala Knot

09:05 - Uni Knot


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