From Skunk to Slam

From Skunk to Slam

Many times our lives as fisherman are dictated by the weather. We rely on these conditions to be just decent enough to allow us a chance at some fishing. A lot of time is spent tracking winds, tides, and weather forecasts in hopes that the fishing gods shine down on us and provide us with just the right window of fishing on your day off.

Our week was spent in a similar fashion. I planned this trip to Flamingo a couple weeks in advance with my buddies Damian Fernandez and Gabe Gutierrez. Sunday would be our day, but the weather reports leading up to the weekend called for a cold front complete with 20+ knot winds. We had two choices, accept our fate handed down to us from the fishing gods, or ride on. So naturally, we rode!

At the ramp we were met with a stiff wind. We launched my boat into the water and headed into the backcountry to see what awaited us in Whitewater Bay. We were quickly reminded why it was called Whitewater Bay as we sped across what seemed like rapids.

We hit up spot after spot in search of a solid bite and were denied by some promising fish. I continued the search through the backcountry feeling the force of the wind on each run. We headed back to the marina to regroup and grab a bite. To add to an already interesting day, Damian found out the hard way that his waterproof bag wasn’t as waterproof as advertised when he found his iPhone and wallet sitting in a puddle of water. He took a few drenched dollar bills to the marina store to try to ease his sorrows with an iced tea and Snickers bar. He sat them dockside as he went to the bathroom only to come back to a missing snickers bar!

(We suspected these crows of the crime, but the jury is still out. If you happen to see these bastards at the dock, you let them know we’re looking for them.)

Slightly down on his luck, I made the decision to brave the weather conditions and give it one more go. The winds had calmed down enough for us to stake out on what looked to be a fishy spot. We pitched our lines into the mangroves and Damian was surprised with a nice black drum, his first ever.

Just like that, we were back in business. I hooked up on two more black drum and just as I am reeling one in, Damian sets the hook on a snook.

Now I’m thinking we have a chance at a backcountry slam, and just like that BOOM! Damian hooks up with a redfish and brings him in for his close up.

In a matter of half an hour we went from skunk to slam and all troubles were forgotten. That’s the beauty of the Glades; you never know what’s going to happen out there.

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