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What does a Taco Piñata have to do with Fly Tying? can say things got a little weird at the last Miami Vise Night. The crew from Bar Fly in Safety Harbor came through to show us how the Drunken Feather does fly tying.

When Bar Fly owner, Jeff Harrell, sent me a DM a few months ago about wanting to come down and host a Miami Vise Night takeover, I was all for it, but, I didn't know what to expect. He wouldn't tell me what he had planned, didn't tell us what to prepare for, but he promised a good time and well, that's good enough for me. 

The day was finally here and I went to meet Jeff and his son Ethan at MIA Beer Co. As 7 PM hit, the usual suspects filtered in one by one, along with some new faces. Beers were ordered and we were ready to get it poppin'. 

Jeff got the night started with a table scrap tie-off. A bag of random scraps and fluff was passed around and that was all that you could use to tie your fly. Each challenge we gave Bar Fly and Jigalode swag to the winners. From there we went on to challenges like Jigalode On The Road, Stranger Danger, and Mascot Massacre. Sounds weird? It was. So instead of boring you guys with the details, hit the video and see what you missed out on!


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